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Cosmetic Dentistry

A Beautiful Smile
is a Powerful Thing

Has a smile ever caught your attention from across a crowded room? Has a smile ever been engrained in your memory long after the person has left? What you’ve experienced is the power of a beautiful smile – it commands your attention, it’s enticing, it’s undeniable.

Research shows that the smile is the first facial feature we notice about others. It can be an indicator of friendliness, happiness, and even success. If you are unhappy with your smile, unfortunately it’s not doing you any favors. Your confidence suffers and you don’t show your smile as often as you would like to, leading others to draw their own conclusions about your personality.

The good news is, with modern cosmetic dentistry, we can easily brighten, straighten, and perfect your smile so it works in your favor. Deciding to improve your smile with cosmetic dentistry is the first step toward a new smile, a new sense of confidence, and a new lust for life.

Cosmetic Dentistry at Northern Trails Dental Care


If you wish you could straighten your teeth without the pain and embarrassment of metal braces, now you can with Invisalign®! Rather than unsightly and uncomfortable metal brackets and wires, Invisalign® uses smooth clear plastic aligner trays to gently shift teeth into their desired position.

Your Gwinn Invisalign® dentist will take impressions and create a custom treatment plan to achieve the straight, beautiful smile of your dreams – without the metal mouth. You will wear each set of aligners for a few weeks as advised by Dr. Buck, and return to Northern Trails Dental Care for your next set until we’ve achieved the results we want.

Our patients love Invisalign® because:

  • Clear aligners are smooth & comfortable
  • Virtually invisible to the naked eye
  • No embarrassing metal braces
  • Take them out for eating & cleaning
  • A modern, convenient approach to orthodontics
  • A straight, beautiful smile without the hassle

Dr. Gwendolyn Buck is a certified Invisalign® provider in Gwinn, Michigan. Give us a call at (906) 661-1026 or schedule a consultation online to find out how Invisalign® could change your smile, your confidence, and your life!

Want to straighten your smile in just six months?

It’s possible with Six Month Smiles®!


If you wish you could correct a number of cosmetic problems with a single treatment, now you can with veneers! Veneers are thin shells of tooth colored ceramics that are placed over the visible surface of the teeth, and mimic your natural teeth in every way – with a more perfect appearance.

Veneers can correct teeth that are:

  • Cracked, chipped or broken
  • Crooked, crowded or misaligned
  • Gapped or spaced
  • Oddly shaped or sized
  • Yellow or discolored
  • “Gummy smiles”

Contact us today to learn more and find out what veneers could do for you!

Teeth Whitening

Whether you have an important event coming up and you want to look your best, or your teeth have been badly stained by medication (tetracycline), or you’re just tired of looking tired and are looking for a confidence boost, a professional teeth whitening could be just what the doctor ordered.

opalescence_logo1Opalescence® is a world-class professional teeth whitening system that offers dramatic results with a variety of options to fit your budget and lifestyle. Get dramatic results with a single in-office treatment, or ask about our take-home kits to whiten on your own time from the comfort of home.

Give us a call at (906) 661-1026 and schedule a teeth whitening today to take years off your smile and get the confidence boost you deserve!

Smile Design

Designing a custom smile seems like something out of a fantasy novel, right? At Northern Trails Dental Care in Gwinn, MI, we can help you make your dream smile a reality with Smile Design! We believe everyone deserves to have a bright beautiful smile they can be proud to show off, and we would love to help you get there.

Every Smile Design case is a little different, and your individual treatment plan will depend on a number of factors, including things like:

  • Current state of oral health
  • Diet & lifestyle habits
  • Age & gender
  • Facial shape, aesthetics & contour
  • Goals & budget

Contact your Smile Design dentist in Gwinn to schedule a consultation today!


Cosmetic bonding or tooth bonding is the simplest of all cosmetic treatments, and is actually both a cosmetic and restorative treatment. Bonding uses a tooth-colored resin to paint over the surface of the teeth to correct teeth that are:

  • Cracked, chipped or broken
  • Crooked, crowded or misaligned
  • Gapped or spaced
  • Oddly shaped or sized
  • Yellow or discolored

Give us a call at (906) 661-1026 and schedule an appointment today!

Crown Lengthening

Crown lengthening is a treatment designed for princesses who wish to appear taller…JUST KIDDING! Although you may feel like a princess afterwards with a bigger, more beautiful smile. Crown lengthening is actually a treatment designed for patients with an imbalanced tooth to gum ratio, or patients with “gummy smiles”.

We use a high-precision, low-level laser to remove excess gum tissue, effectively lengthening the crown or the visible portion of the tooth. Crown lengthening is a simple, non-invasive treatment with minimal discomfort that can dramatically transform your smile and your confidence to show it.

Contact your Gwinn dentist today to learn more or schedule an appointment!

Contact Us

If you have any questions about any of our Cosmetic Dentistry services at Northern Trails Dental Care, or are ready to schedule a visit, contact your Gwinn cosmetic dentist, Dr. Gwendolyn Buck today by calling (906) 661-1026!

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