Why Does My Jaw Hurt?

May 13th, 2019

If your jaw clicks when it opens, or you can’t fully open it, or you have pain in your face and trouble chewing, then you’re among the 15% of Americans who have chronic jaw pain. Your jaw joint is called the temporomandibular joint, or TMJ. The name comes from the jaw’s role to connect your […]

5 Common Questions About Sedation Dentistry

April 27th, 2019

For many Gwinn residents, one thing stands in the way of a healthy, beautiful smile – fear of the dentist!  Even routine cleanings can be scary for folks with dental phobia. However, at Northern Trails Dental Care we have made it our business to offer you the most comfortable dental experience possible, which is why […]

Why Wisdom Teeth Are Not So Wise

April 13th, 2019

Most folks have had some exposure to the concept of wisdom teeth. Perhaps you have had yours removed, are considering a removal, or Dr. Buck has just shown you an X-ray with the dreaded third molars creeping into view. It’s common to hear patients ask how they are removed, but we rarely hear people talking […]

The Smoking Gun: Tobacco & Oral Health

March 27th, 2019

They say not everything natural is good for you. Nature has many poisons that humans have experimented with and learned the hard way to avoid. Tobacco is a popular plant that we’ve learned can really do a number on your health. Using tobacco is a personal and communal practice that can be really hard to […]

Six Months to a Straighter Smile

March 13th, 2019

Six Month Smiles® is a short-term orthodontic treatment that adds some updated twists to traditional braces—with average treatment times of only six months! No one loves the way metal wires and brackets look, and for teens and adults who are concerned about the appearance of their smile during orthodontic treatment, the clear brackets and tooth-colored […]

I’d Rather Have a Root Canal

February 27th, 2019

Have you ever heard someone say, “I would rather have a root canal”? Most of us in Gwinn are used to hearing root canals compared to some genuinely unpleasant circumstances, but Northern Trails Dental Care would like to set the record straight and talk about how root canals can do some serious dental good. Root […]

A Guide to Cavity Prevention

February 13th, 2019

Imagine this – you have come to Northern Trails Dental Care for a cleaning and routine checkup. The cleaning goes well, but then Dr. Gwendolyn Buck tells you that you have a cavity. You’ve been dreading the possibility of this news and now you fear that something must be wrong since you have been brushing […]

Can Poor Oral Health Cause Diabetes?

January 27th, 2019

Diabetes is a chronic and complicated disease that affects how your body processes sugar—its main source of energy. Diabetes symptoms mostly affect your heart, eyes, nerves, and kidneys, but it can affect your whole body, including your mouth. According to the American Dental Association (ADA), more than 29 million Americans have diabetes, and almost 2 […]

Crack Down on Cracked Tooth Syndrome

January 13th, 2019

Cracked tooth syndrome (CTS), also known as cracked cusp syndrome or split tooth syndrome, is a painful condition that results from a crack in one of your teeth. CTS can mean anything from a tiny hairline split in the crown to a fracture that goes all the way to the root. If you have a […]

The Benefits of Composite Fillings

December 27th, 2018

Traditionally, dentists have used what’s known as amalgam, or special metal alloys, to fill cavities. However, modern dental medicine has advanced to the point that Dr. Buck can offer Gwinn patients a much better option for filling holes caused by tooth decay: composite fillings. At Northern Trails Dental Care, we would like to educate you […]


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