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We are excited to say that our office will be open to see patients for restorative and hygiene services on June 1st. We have implemented and exceeded the CDC and ADA guidelines for personal and patient protection against COVID transmission. Some of what you will notice is...


What Our Patients have to Say

- Tony W.
"I love the office and the people- It’s the best dental office in the world."
- Abigail L.
"I could’ve fallen asleep during my fillings."
- Zelda Z.
"Dr. Buck has been my dentist for quite a while. I’ve had a number of procedures done and not one of them was painful. Not during the procedure or after. I’ve never even felt the shot. She is very friendly and kind and has a wonderful sense of humor. The staff at Northern Trails are all friendly and knowledgeable and willing to help. Anyone who needs to see a dentist, but fear keeps them away need to stop in to get the needed care. I highly recommend Dr. Buck and the clinic."
- Daphne C.
"Dr. Buck, you and your staff are most enjoyable, considering it’s a “dental visit”. I always cringed at the thought of a dental visit until I met you. You are a HUGE asset to the community and am thankful for you. I look forward to our next visit. Thank you and keep that contagious smile and laugh going. Truly your #1 fan."
- Anonymous
"Visiting the dentist most of my life was a stressful experience. I would feel very anxious. Since becoming a patient of Northern Trails, I no longer feel that way. Dental visits are always pleasant now. They entire staff goes above and beyond to ensure the comfort of their patients. I would recommend this office to everyone!"
- Ron T.
"The treatment and professionalism are great. It’s the only place I know that would be willing to give me their personal phone numbers. Worth the 115 mile trip."
- Carrie U.
"I always try to get the 8am appointments. I find the laughter I hear when I walk in refreshing and it’s a great way to start out the day. I can’t think of any other appointment I go to where the employees seem so happy and the laughter really sets the tone for the rest of my day! Thank you!!"
- Addison S.
"Loved not having to get an impression for my bite guard. Your office is so up to date, yet my bill is still reasonable."
- Doug C.
"What can I say, all the staff is on top of things and always greet you warmly. I always enjoy my visit with Dr. Buck. Thanks to her I saw a dermatologist and had cancer removed from my face.. funny thing is two doctors I had visited during that same month missed it. Great call Dr. Buck, it may have saved my life. Thanks!"
- Richard J.
"My hygienist did an excellent job of cleaning and polishing my teeth. She was pleasant and personable while at the same time explaining what was happening. Dr. Buck is always upbeat and professional with my exam. I have complete confidence in her and her staff. A+++ experience for me."
- Cheryl F.
"The entire staff is awesome- knowledgeable, cordial, friendly and wonderful at making a patient feel as if they are the only patient in the building. They immediately put me at ease, and drastically reduced my anxiety. I am no longer fearful of the dentist’s office. All dentists offices and personnel should be like yours! Thanks for everything."
- Sandra K.
"The hygienists are very caring and helpful with necessary changes to old habits. Dr. Buck is so kind and makes the visit much more fun. I have serious dental anxiety, but all the staff & Dr. Buck work hard at making sure I am comfortable and welcome. Thank you!!"
- Kimberly H.
"The entire staff made me feel very comfortable and relaxed. My old and long-standing fear of dentists evaporated after my initial visit. Thanks!"
- Albert S.
"I was very pleased with the attention that I received. All of your personnel were very pleasant and accommodating. I am particularly grateful that I was able to have an appointment on such short notice. Thank you very much!"
- Tammy W.
"I love going to this dental clinic. From the people at the front desk, to the hygienist, to the forever smiling Dr. Buck, everyone knows what they are doing, go out of their way to be helpful and are encouraging. It is just a very nice and comfortable place to be."
- Eleanor W.
"Don’t change! The ladies are always smiling and understand me when I come in. Your personal interest in people enhances each visit."
- Steve Y.
"My hygienist did a great job! She explained every step of the process and answered all my questions! The entire staff makes going to the dentist a pleasant experience."
- Sandy and Jim G.
"We would like to compliment Northern Trails Dental Clinic in Gwinn. Dr. Buck and her staff are great. They always make you feel welcome and are so friendly and have such a positive attitude. Dr. Buck is such a happy person and so bubbly. What a great place to have your dental work done. We are so glad to be treated there."
- DP
"I like how the employees all remember my name and are always smiling. Also the email notification is a great reminder for me. Thank you."
- Angela D.
"Dr. and staff are extremely courteous, knowledgeable, and friendly professionals. Thank you!"
- Dorothy S.
"My visits to the dental clinic over the years have been exceptional, I have so much trust in Dr. Buck!"
- Julie Shaw
"Dental appointment or Dental spa? Have you ever suffered from anxiety to go into the dentist office? Has it been years since you have gone and you are afraid you may be judged? Well……you should take the time to make an appointment at Northern Trails Dental Care. Dr. Buck and her staff have it right! I have never felt so welcomed, so embraced and so cared about in any health care situation! From the person I spoke to on the phone when I made my appointment, to the moment I left the office, I did not feel one bit of shame, judgement or disgrace for my lack of attention to my oral health. It had been 8 years since I had seen a dentist and my anxiety was high. Gathering the courage to call to make the appointment took me weeks. The attitude of the amazing person answering the phone was so comforting. “Do you take new customers?” I asked. “Yes we do!” she happily responded. I was able to get an appointment the next day, which may have been due to a cancellation, but was I grateful. I had some pretty serious concerns and did not want to lose my nerve to follow through with the care I needed. I was even able to do the paperwork online before I arrived. I made it over hurdle number one! Hurdle number two – getting through the door. Talk about a welcome when you enter the door! I went up to the desk and shared with the beautiful young lady behind it, who I was and what time my appointment was. She offered me coffee or water and then gave me a tour of the facility. I was then left in a room where there were quotes of customers and the care they received on the wall. That put me even more at ease. The pictures on the wall showed me exactly what kind of a doctor Dr. Buck was. There were pictures of her in other countries providing oral health care for children and I believe adult prisoners. “She truly cares about people.” I thought. I felt so blessed to be in her care. Oh, and I need to mention that there was a gift bag and welcome letter waiting for me in that room. WOW!!! Next I was greeted by the amazing woman who did my x-rays. No pain, quick and easy and I got to see things as they were being done. It was all digital! This is top of the line! Her conversation and the time she took to “get to know me better” was comforting, relaxing, and not rushed. My blood pressure was 58/110 and that was BEFORE she remembered to turn on the massage chair. I asked her, “How do you get people to leave?” Hurdle number three – meeting the doctor. I finally got to meet the amazing Dr. I have met Dr. Buck nonprofessionally before, and her smile and laugh are infectious! This time I got to meet her professionally and her kind, caring ways immediately put me at ease. She was all about making this the best experience I could have. I can’t wait to share with others how the root canal I have to have is a “good” experience! We came up with a plan for my oral health and I understood what needed to be done. She allowed time for questions. The final hurdle was financing and scheduling the appointment. The finance/scheduling person was so “real” and understanding about life’s circumstances. Many options were given and we were able to work out a plan without shame or embarrassment. My experience at Northern Trails Dental was unbelievable. I will share this experience with anyone who will listen to me. When I left the office, I kept asking myself did I just leave the dentist office or a spa? I felt GREAT!!! YOU are worth this experience. YOU will not feel judged or embarrassed or ashamed. This agency knows how to treat people with respect and kindness. It has taken me 8 years to jump these hurdles and I am so glad that I finally did!"
- Mary Jane Henning
"As we all know, everyone will need dental care sometime. Why not go to the practice where you can actually not be stressed out “about going to the dentist?” If you're looking for this, then Dr. Gwendolyn Buck's office is the place to go. I have found that going to Dr. Buck for my dental care has been a wonderful experience. She advertises her “gentle touch” approach to her dentistry practice while doing a highly professional job of dentistry. I've had some extensive work done by her and each time I've been very pleased with her approach and with the final results. Her chair side assistants were also wonderful in helping to make me comfortable throughout the procedures while doing their job efficiently. Dr. Buck has an infectious laugh that fills the office with a joyful atmosphere. Her staff greets me warmly at each visit and they take the extra time scheduling my appointments around my work hours. This “gentle touch” approach to care is also practiced by her dental hygienist. She does a very thorough job with gentleness. I'm really glad I chose Dr. Buck for my total dental care. They're all professional with their individual jobs and they take the time to make you feel comfortable while there."
- Priscilla Brunngraeber
"I have been a patient of Dr. Buck's since her arrival here. The transition was painless; literally. Anyone who knows me knows I can be a big baby when it comes to going to the dentist. But the staff and Dr. Buck always makes my visits as pleasant as possible. They are very good at their work, but also take time to make sure I am doing OK through procedures, ask about my family, and seem genuinely concerned about my well-being. Every person I have had work on my teeth has been polite and respectful to me, but more importantly, they are polite, pleasant and respectful to each other. It's a very comfortable atmosphere to walk into when you aren't thrilled to have to be there! I would recommend Dr. Buck to anyone."
- Jay and Linda Wagner
"Every staff member at Dr. Gwendolyn Buck's office makes each visit a pleasant experience. Prior to every visit, a cheery voice calls to remind us of the day and time of our appointment. The receptionist is very knowledgeable on obtaining necessary information from the insurance company and always has the amount predetermined. Each staff member is attentive to making our visits as comfortable as they can, showing interests in our personal lives, offering music of our choice throughout the visit, providing sunglasses to lessen the eye strain from the lighting, answering any questions we may have, and giving us a warm scented towel to freshen up before leaving the office. In addition to all that, they are a bubbly team of professionals who work together for the benefit of their patients. We couldn't be happier to have found them!!"
- DK
"I am totally pleased with major dental work done by Dr. Buck. My front teeth were not only chipped, cracked, and discolored but also uneven. Six caps were made and are attractive and natural looking. Dr. Buck did a marvelous job; not only her skill in making the caps but also in making the procedure pain free. In addition to Dr. Buck, her staff is friendly, courteous, and professional. Patient comfort and care is important to them, as they clearly demonstrate. I also want to commend the office staff for clarifying costs for procedures. In every aspect of my care, communication has been important and I always feel well informed. These are what cause me to drive over 30 miles for my dental care."
- Michelle Beaudin
"I used to hate going to the dentist until I started going to Dr. Bucks office, now I look forward to my appointments. Everyone is so friendly and makes you feel as though you've been a patient for years. They make you feel comfortable and take the time to get to know their patients. I am always very pleased after my appointments and know that if there are any issues, concerns, or questions I can call and get answers or advice. It is an office full of laughter and friends...."
- Pete Marchant
"Dr. Buck, it seems strange to say that I actually enjoy a trip to see the dentist. You do a great (and painless) job."
- Darlene Auld
"I've spent a lifetime in gripping fear of dental work....until now. Dr. Buck's friendly, “bubbling over” personality continually assures my comfort and calms my fears. I am finally, no longer afraid of my dentist. What a relief!!"
- Brian Enloe
"I am a 51 year old man. I have been visiting Dr. Bucks office for over a year. She is by far the best dentist I have ever seen. Her entire staff provides professional care and will assist anyone with whatever questions they have concerning their care or insurance concerns. I would highly recommend Dr. Buck and her staff to anyone wishing to receive the very best professional dental care in the U.P."

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